MSc Public Health and Social Care in Practice (PHSCiP) Programme Launch

By Diola Bijlhout
Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Friday the 10th of February 2023 is the memorable date when we launched our new MSc. Public Health and Social Care in Practice (PHSCiP) Programme at the London Campus.

A student holding a flyer talks to a man at a desk; two more students talk nearby.

The day started around noon with a lunch buffet for our newly enrolled MSc students, BSc Level 6 students and our invited guests including Public Health and Social Care organisations, practitioners and employer representatives, such as Healthwatch Lambeth, MIND, Autism Voice UK Lambeth, and Learning Unlimited.

Students were offered an exciting line-up of exhibitions of these Public Health and Social Care organisations and employers that are active in the Lambeth community. The theme of the launch event was “building your leadership brand and practice experience” and listening to the keynote speaker Martin Garrity’s experiences in leadership and coaching in the NHS practice context resonated with our students.

Our student panel made sure to present some pointed questions too and the responses helped students build their understanding of the steps to further their careers. Students and attendees also were introduced to the teaching team of four varying lecturers with expertise on the subjects of social epidemiology, community care and management, health care systems, and leadership.

It was a full but interesting day. This has set the tone for an exciting year while studying Public Health and Social Care in Practice, and we are looking forward to more people joining the course. We wish our students and teaching team well!

Please visit MSc Public Health and Social Care in Practice | UWTSD for more information about the programme. 


A busy room full of people, many with drinks and snacks, moving from one information desk to another.

A young woman stands to speak from her seat in the middle of a high-ceilinged modern lecture hall..

Mark Garrity the keynote speaker lifts his right hand as he addresses the audience.

Three woman smile towards the camera, their arms round each other.

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