Dysgu Cymraeg at the London campus!

By Matthew Peake
Wednesday, November 9, 2022

From July to September 2022, a group of students and staff at the London campus of UWTSD embarked on their first journey to learn Welsh. As part of the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, staff and students at the London Campus felt it was important to learn more about the culture and history of Wales, especially through its language. Also, it provided a great opportunity to connect with Welsh-speaking colleagues in Wales on a more personal level.

Two students in class

The journey was led by Welsh Tutor Jac Sollis who came recommended from the London Welsh Centre. Jac covered topics such as days of the week, months of the year, seasons, weather, workplace Welsh, etc. in a fun, engaging, and interactive way. However, Jac did not solely focus on the language, he also made sure to include information about the rich history and culture of Wales with topics ranging from Patagonia to Welsh poetry.

We are proud to say that there is now a group of London campus staff and students who have learnt how to properly pronounce Prifysgol Cymru Y Drindod Dewi Saint (University of Wales Trinity Saint David in Welsh). Although we’re not at the stage of having the orange speech bubble badge to say that we siarad Cymraeg, we’ll get there at some point!

Three students in class

Student Services Officer, Junior Richard, said:

“the course was very engaging, and I learned a lot from Jac! I would highly recommend it. I've always been curious about different cultures, so when I heard about the Welsh language classes, I jumped at the chance. Learning Welsh has also assisted me in connecting with Welsh-speaking team members in Wales. Diolch Jac

Administrative Officer: Marketing and Communications, Tsz Yan Lee said:

“the Welsh classes are extraordinarily fun. We had a chance to learn to write and speak in Welsh. In the first lesson, none of us could say a word in Welsh. But now, at least we can greet each other in Welsh! For me, learning a new language is not easy, learning Welsh is even more challenging. The pronunciation of the language is very different from the other languages that I speak. But it helped me to think differently, as well as understand more about the culture and history of Wales.”

A flag of Wales


Academic Liaison Librarian, Megan Redmond said:

“the classes were fun and sociable; a time to learn with colleagues. Working at UWTSD and beginning to learn Welsh has given me another perspective on life and the history of the UK through language and culture.”

Student Bogdan Draghici said:

“as the classes are finished, I feel sad. At the beginning it was hard, and the sounds were strange, but after understanding the rules, I started enjoying it and I have learned something new. I have started this course because I wanted to learn something new and meet new people. But it started to grow on me and now I want more. It is nice to think that I can be in a select group of people that speaks this language. And of course, it is good to mention in my CV that I have this skill. Jac was amazingly patient with us, and he taught us well.”

Welsh Tutor, Jac Sollis, said:

“I enjoyed every moment of teaching Welsh for everyone who took part in the short course on the London Campus. Without a shadow of a doubt, it was a real privilege to be able to call myself their Welsh language tutor for the time we had. Learners were not only keen but skilful in their pursuit of learning Welsh, and very much rose to the challenge with a burgeoning and consistent passion. Should they choose to pursue their language to a further level, they do so with the knowledge that they will be increasing the number of Welsh speakers by adding themselves to the greater tally, and by doing so, adding their individuality, distinctive personality and passions to the discourse of Welsh-medium society. Dal ati, bawb! A diolch yn ddiffuant am eich ymdrech!”

If you’re interested in learning Welsh at the London Campus, please contact Campus Operations Manager, Matt Peake at m.peake@uwtsd.ac.uk.